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TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.3.9

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•Added localized tooltips in the languages: AM, AR, BG, CN, DE, FA, FR, IT, PT, RS, RU, TR, UA. Default language is your system language, you can change this setting in the system menu of GPU-Z.
•Added support for ATI HD 5830, HD 5770, HD 5750, HD 5670, HD 5570, HD 5450, HD 4860, HD 4750, Mobility HD 3430, M97, Mobile HD 5850, 5730, 5650, 5470 (Broadway, Madison and Park)
•Added support for NVIDIA GeForce 6200A, GTS 250, 9800S, 205, 310, GT 320, GT 240, GTS 360M, 230M, 330M, 240M, G105M, Quadro NVS170M, G210M, GTS 250M, future MCP, more ION variants.
•Added support for Intel GMA500, Clarkdale, Arrandale

•Added detection for variants of NVIDIA NV41, G94, G98, ATI RV350, RV370, R480, RV515. Most of them used on fake cards relabeled to NVIDIA 9x00 series.

•Improved default clock BIOS parsing on NVIDIA
•Fix for incorrect default clocks on HD 5000 Series
•Fixed incorrect real-time clock monitoring on some HD 5000 cards
•Added more accurate real-time clock monitoring function for NVIDIA
•Improved OpenCL detection on ATI R700, RV790, all HD 5000 cards
•Added temp. monitoring support for some Intel IGPs
•Improvements to CUDA detection
•Removed memory chip input fields from VGA BIOS Upload

Filename: GPU-Z.0.3.9.exe
MD5 Hash: 6BE675E95F62DFB90626EA2FD00ECF06
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