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TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.4.3

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Revision History

•Added full voltage controller monitoring for GeForce GTX 480
•Added real-time clock monitoring for GF100
•Added detection for vendor GALAXY
•Complete revamp of voltage controller architecture. Adds voltage monitoring for many ATI & NVIDIA cards and generic monitoring method for NVIDIA cards via driver.
•Added support for >4 GB memory on NVIDIA
•Fixed memory clock reading on some HD 5670 cards
•Fixed thermal sensor count on some ATI Evergreen models
•Fixed incorrect default clock reading on some ATI Evergreen models
•Added detection for NVIDIA GTX 465, GT 320M GT 335M, ION variant, GT 340, Tesla C2050, Tesla M2050, GTX 285M, GT 325M, Quadro FX 880M, Quadro FX 1800M
•Added detection for ATI HD 5570, Mobility 4550, Mobility 5870, HD 4250, HD 4290, FirePro V7750
•Added detection for Intel GMA 3150
•Added fix for ADT7473 coldbug (GTX 480) via commandline parameter /fixcoldbug
•Added OCP adjustment for CHL8266 (GTX 480). Use it via command line parameter /chl8266ocp without parameter to query, with numeric value seperated by space to set. This is a permanent change that will not be reverted by powering down the system.
•Added languages Hungarian and Spanish
•Updated languages French, Italian, Russian

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